Exercises For Vertigo – Tips to Help You Improve Your Life

Vertigo can be very debilitating. Individuals that suffer from it experience severe dizziness and overall discomfort. It is often difficult to stand and walk. When people have an attack, they are generally forced to stay in bed or hang out on the couch for what may be an extended period of time. As a result, not only does it affect men and women physically but it also affects their mental health because persons often have to take an unwanted break from life as usually.

This could cause problems in both ones social and work life. Thankfully, there are exercises for vertigo that can help individuals either get back to their former lives or at least significantly improve their symptoms.

The exercises for vertigo are really simple. They can be done from the comfort of ones own home. It is not always necessary to visit a physical therapist. The movements that need to be done can be performed right in ones living or bed room.

Movement #1: Stand straight up and place your feet together. Your arms need to be at your side. This position needs to be held for 30 seconds. Now, sit down and rest until the dizziness subsides. Once you begin to feel better, stand up again and repeat the exercise.

Movement #2: Stand up again, place your feet together and hang your arms at your side. Swivel your head from side-to-side. Take a break then do it again. Do a set with your eyes open and then with your eyes closed.

These are just two exercises for vertigo that can be very helpful in decreasing dizziness and unsteadiness. They do need to be performed on a consistent basis in order to see results. Even though these movements are very simple, they can be very effective in helping individuals build up their stamina so that they can walk and stand without being overcome with unsteadiness and dizziness.